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Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
Thomas Carlyle JohnNichol1833
Cicero's Brutus or History of Famous Orators; also His Orator, or Accomplished Speaker. Marcus TulliusCicero106
Reflections; or Sentences and Moral Maxims Fran ois duc deLa Rochefoucauld1613
Literary Remains, Volume 1 Samuel TaylorColeridge1772
The Esperanto Teacher A Simple Course for Non-Grammarians HelenFryer
A Complete Grammar of Esperanto Ivy KellermanReed1877
Business CorrespondenceAnonymous
Higher Lessons in English A work on english grammar and composition
Prisoner for Blasphemy G. W. (George William)Foote1850
Graded Lessons in English an Elementary English Grammar Consisting of One Hundred Practical Lessons, Carefully Graded and Adapte
The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore Laura LeeHope
How to Speak and Write Correctly JosephDevlin
A Prisoner in Fairyland AlgernonBlackwood1869
The Philosophy of Style HerbertSpencer1820
Criminal Sociology EnricoFerri1859
Lord Ormont and His Aminta ? Volume 1 GeorgeMeredith1828
A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers Henry DavidThoreau1817
Jailed for Freedom DorisStevens1892
The Story of my life; with her letters (1887-1901) and a supplementary account of her education, including passages from the rep
How to Write Clearly Rules and Exercises on English Composition Edwin A.Abbott
Practical Grammar and Composition ThomasWood
The Verbalist A Manual Devoted to Brief Discussions of the Right and the Wrong Use of Words and to Some Other Matters of Intere Thomas EmblyOsmun1826
Teachers' Outlines for Studies in English Based on the Requirements for Admission to College Gilbert SykesBlakely
A Brief History of the English Language and Literature, Vol. 2 (of 2) John Miller DowMeiklejohn1830
Practical English Composition: Book II. For the Second Year of the High School Edwin L.Miller
The Principles of English Versification Paull FranklinBaum
Diego Collado's Grammar of the Japanese Language DiegoCollado1638
"Stops", Or How to Punctuate A Practical Handbook for Writers and Students PaulAllardyce
Punctuation A Primer of Information about the Marks of Punctuation and their Use Both Grammatically and Typographically Frederick W.Hamilton
The Measurement of Intelligence An Explanation of and a Complete Guide for the Use of the Stanford Revision and Extension of t Lewis MadisonTerman1877
The Faith of Islam EdwardSell
Short Story Writing A Practical Treatise on the Art of The Short Story Charles RaymondBarrett
Critical Miscellanies, Volume I (of 3) Essay 4: Macaulay JohnMorley1838
The Art Of Writing & Speaking The English Language Word-Study and Composition & Rhetoric SherwinCody
The Mind of the Child, Part II The Development of the Intellect, International Education Series Edited By William T. Harris, V William T.Preyer1841
The Schoolmaster RogerAscham1515
What the Mother of a Deaf Child Ought to Know John DuttonWright1866
Successful Methods of Public Speaking GrenvilleKleiser1868
Public Speaking ClarenceStratton1880
Catalogue Of Linguistic Manuscripts In The Library Of The Bureau Of Ethnology. (1881 N 01 / 1879-1880 (Pages 553-578)) James ConstantinePilling1846
On The Art of Reading Sir Arthur ThomasQuiller Couch1863
The Arte of English Poesie GeorgePuttenham1590
New National Fourth Reader
How To Write Special Feature Articles A Handbook for Reporters, Correspondents and Free-Lance Writers Who Desire to Contribute Willard GrosvenorBleyer
New Latin Grammar Charles E.Bennett
R?flexions ou sentences et maximes morales Fran ois duc deLa Rochefoucauld1613
Sketches in the House (1893) T. P.O Conner
English Grammar in Familiar Lectures SamuelKirkham
An English Grammar
The Art of Letters RobertLynd1879
Emerson and Other Essays John JayChapman
Essays ?sthetical George H. (George Henry)Calvert1803
Ralph Waldo Emerson Oliver WendellHolmes1809
Landmarks in French Literature Giles LyttonStrachey1880
Four Girls at ChautauquaPansy1841
Old and New Masters RobertLynd1879
Practical Exercises in English Huber GrayBuehler1864
Composition-Rhetoric Stratton D.Brooks
Studies in Literature JohnMorley1838
The Grammar of English Grammars GooldBrown1791
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 19, No. 551, June 9, 1832Various
The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero, Volume 4 Marcus TulliusCicero106
De La Salle Fifth Reader Brothers of the ChristianSchools
The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer; The Art of Literature ArthurSchopenhauer1788
The Principles of Success in Literature George HenryLewes1817
Rhetoric and Poetry in the Renaissance A Study of Rhetorical Terms in English Renaissance Literary Criticism Donald LemenClark
The Century Vocabulary Builder