Frenchmen --(index)--

Titlesort iconAuhor's FirstnameSurnameTimeline
France and England in North America; a Series of Historical Narratives ? Part 3 FrancisParkman1823
Paris War Days Diary of an American Charles InmanBarnard
More Bab Ballads Sir W. S. (William Schwenck)Gilbert1836
History of Louisisana Or of the Western Parts of Virginia and Carolina: ContainingLe Page du Pratz1775
The Enormous Room E. E. (Edward Estlin)Cummings1894
The Napoleon of the People Honor deBalzac1799
Hereward, the Last of the English CharlesKingsley1819
Springhaven : a Tale of the Great War R. D. (Richard Doddridge)Blackmore1825
A Half-Century of Conflict - Volume 02 FrancisParkman1823
The Prince and Betty P. G. (Pelham Grenville)Wodehouse1881
Robinson Crusoe ? in Words of One Syllable Mary pseud. Godolphin1781
The Anglo-Saxon ChronicleUnknown
The Eve of the French Revolution Edward J. (Edward Jackson)Lowell1845
The Trail of the Sword, Complete GilbertParker1860
The Trail of the Sword, Volume 2 GilbertParker1860
The Great Fortress : A chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760 William (William Charles Henry)Wood1864
Maximilian in Mexico Sara YorkeStevenson1847
Beauchamp's Career ? Volume 1 GeorgeMeredith1828
The Jesuit Missions : A chronicle of the cross in the wilderness Thomas GuthrieMarquis1864
This Country of Ours H. E. (Henrietta Elizabeth)Marshall
Pioneers of France in the New World FrancisParkman1823
The Modern Regime, Volume 1 HippolyteTaine1828
Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of Napoleon in 1815, Vol. I Pierre Antoine Edouard Fleury deChaboulon
French Pathfinders in North America William HenryJohnson
Will Weatherhelm The Yarn of an Old Sailor William Henry GilesKingston1814
France and the Republic A Record of Things Seen and Learned in the French Provinces During the 'Centennial' Year 1889 William HenryHurlbert1827
True Blue William Henry GilesKingston1814
Myne eerste vlerken Eugeen EdwardStroobant1819
The Missing Ship The Log of the "Ouzel" Galley William Henry GilesKingston1814
Marmaduke Merry A Tale of Naval Adventures in Bygone Days William Henry GilesKingston1814
Ben Burton Born and Bred at Sea William Henry GilesKingston1814
From Powder Monkey to Admiral A Story of Naval Adventure William Henry GilesKingston1814
The Loss of the Royal George William Henry GilesKingston1814
Ronald Morton, or the Fire Ships A Story of the Last Naval War William Henry GilesKingston1814
James Braithwaite, the Supercargo The Story of his Adventures Ashore and Afloat William Henry GilesKingston1814
Devon Boys A Tale of the North Shore George ManvilleFenn
Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664
Under the Meteor Flag Log of a Midshipman during the French Revolutionary War HarryCollingwood
The Log of a Privateersman HarryCollingwood
The Rose of Old St. Louis MaryDillon
Three French Moralists and The Gallantry of France EdmundGosse1849
Diary of the Besieged Resident in Paris HenryLabouchere1831
The Cockaynes in Paris Or 'Gone abroad' W. BlanchardJerrold1826
Pathfinders of the West Being the Thrilling Story of the Adventures of the Men Who Discovered the Great Northwest: Radisson, L Agnes C. (Agnes Christina)Laut1871
The Schemes of the Kaiser JulietteAdam
The Makers of Canada: Champlain N. E. (Narcisse Eutrope)Dionne-1848
Humphrey Bold A Story of the Times of Benbow HerbertStrang
The Theater (1720) Sir JohnFalstaffe
The Forest of Swords A Story of Paris and the Marne Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander)Altsheler1862
King Henry VI, Part 1 WilliamShakespeare1564
The Hunters of the Hills Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander)Altsheler1862
The Red Inn Honor deBalzac1799
France in the Nineteenth Century ElizabethLatimer1822
Since C?zanne CliveBell1881
Pioneers in Canada Sir Harry HamiltonJohnston1858
The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation ? Volume 11 RichardHakluyt1552
Crusaders of New France A Chronicle of the Fleur-de-Lis in the Wilderness Chronicles of America, Volume 4 William BennettMunro1875
Wau-bun The Early Day in the Northwest Juliette Augusta MagillKinzie1806
My Year of the War Including an Account of Experiences with the Troops in France and the Record of a Visit to the Grand Fleet FrederickPalmer1873
The Lords of the Wild A Story of the Old New York Border Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander)Altsheler1862
Narrative of a Voyage to Senegal in 1816
The Soul of the War PhilipGibbs1877
Kameno doba JovanZujovic1856
Miles Wallingford Sequel to "Afloat and Ashore" James FenimoreCooper1789
Antwerp to Gallipoli A Year of the War on Many Fronts?and Behind Them ArthurRuhl1876
Three Frenchmen in Bengal The Commercial Ruin of the French Settlements in 1757 S. C. (Samuel Charles)Hill1857
Paths of Glory Impressions of War Written at and Near the Front Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury)Cobb1876
With Zola in England Ernest AlfredVizetelly1853